First Blog Post

10:08 AM

In a few short weeks I will once again find myself laying on the beach, with a book in my hand, looking at this incredible view.  The summertime is what I live for, and what I dream about.  I have been reading books at my families beach house since 2001 (it was here that I discovered The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants series- which sparked my love of reading), and I have often had thoughts of sharing this experience in a blog.  This year I have finally decided to go for it! I won't be at the beach for about a month, but I just could not wait to get started!

I am not a hundred percent sure what I will be blogging about, but I suspect you will see a mix of book reviews, pretty pictures, recipes, and whatever else the summer has in store for me! I should also mention that I have just inherited my grandfather's cat, so expect some pictures of her as well.

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